What is my login info?

You will need to first log in to the conference site using your email and password when setting up your AIRS Learn account. Please click here to reset your password. The software will send an email to you - if it does not come through right away, please check your junk/spam folders. If that doesn't work, send an email to, and she will reset your password as soon as possible.

How do I access the sessions?

You can access any of the sessions by clicking on the "Agenda" in the top menu bar of the home page.

From there, select the conference day you would like to view. Click on any session title and access the "View Session" button. IF the session is active,  a prompt will appear to "enter meeting." If you enter the session more than 10 minutes early, click on the "early login is open" button. You will be placed in standby mode until the speaker starts the session. You will be able to access each session 10 minutes before the start time.

Refresh your browser page if you do not see the prompts for early login or enter a meeting. 

There is also a quick tutorial on the agenda page that walks you through how to join a session. 

Is this being recorded/ Will I be able to watch this later?

AIRS staff will record the virtual sessions, and all registrants will have access to them, even the ones you weren't able to attend live. You can navigate to recordings as you navigate to the live conference sessions. Recordings will be posted within five days of the end of the session and will be accessible for you to view at your convenience for 90 days after the session.

How do I get CEU credits?

AIRS will not be providing CEU reports. You can do it yourself, so there is no need for a middle man! The AIRS Learn site has a feature that allows you to print off a transcript of completed sessions, courses, and webinars. You can check out a video on how to print that PDF HERE. You will need to take the quiz associated with that session to receive credit. You can do that right after or anytime between the session and the expiration (90 days). You can also print a certificate from that session if you wish. There is no additional charge for any of this access or to use any of these features. 

I am having trouble streaming audio; I can't hear the speaker through my computer speakers, the streaming stopped. What can I do?

If you are not able to hear any audio through your computer speakers: (1) First check to make sure your speakers are not muted or turned off, (2) Refresh your screen by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard or clicking the "refresh" button in your web browser, (3) Leave the session and rejoin.

If none of these quick fixes seem to solve the problem, chat with a technical support representative (see the last bullet on the complete list) to troubleshoot

The slides are not loading; I can't see the slides, other technical issues.

Check out these three quick fixes. About 80% of issues are solved by one of these:

  1. Make sure you log in using the email you registered with.
  2. Make sure you are not using Internet Explorer.
  3. Leave the session and come back in.

Other Recommendations: 

  • We recommend using a PC or MAC with an updated Internet Browser (NOT Internet Explorer)
  • Make sure you have popups blockers disabled in your Internet browser settings. 
  • Make sure that your internet browser is Active X enabled. 
  • Use a wired connection instead of wifi if possible. A wired connection gives a consistent signal and consistent bandwidth and provides a better experience. 
  • You can choose to join audio via phone or through your computer's speakers. Check to make sure you aren't on mute. 
What if I would like to become an AIRS Member?

Check out this page on our main website:

This page gives you additional details about cost and benefits and contact information.

How can I contact a presenter?

There are a few options. The presenter(s) will join attendees on the discussion tab on the session page after the session is over. You can ask more questions there. In addition, on the presenter's page, you will find each presenter's bio and contact information. Also, most presenters include their contact info in their slides already included on the "Handouts" tab on the session page.

Will I receive a copy of the conference presentation?

Everything we receive from presenters is on the Handouts tab. Not every session will have a formal presentation, but when we receive it, we share it.

How do I complete the evaluation of a session?

The evaluation is located on the Session Page and will pop up after the session in Zoom. You can complete it in either place. 

The polls are not showing up for me.

Please allow popups on your browser. It will be in your settings, or you may see a notification on your address bar.

Is there a printable version of the conference schedule?

Yes, there is! Check at the top of the main agenda page for the printable link. Or click HERE.

When is the next conference?

AIRS is confirming plans for an in-person conference in the fall of 2022. Regardless, we will plan on hosting a virtual conference annually for frontline professionals.