AIRS Learning Site - Frequently Asked Questions

First tip...this software will not work in Internet Explorer. Use another browser.

How do I get a profile?

Anyone can create their own account on the AIRS Learn platform. Simply click "Create Account" in the upper right have corner of the site and follow the instructions. Make sure to select your member level as part of the process (there is a drop down menu on the page that gathers the information you need to share to create an account). If you have any questions reach out to Chiara Cameron-Wood ( There is also a video tutorial on the "How To Videos" page. 

I am having problems with signing in and/or accessing some of content. Can someone help me?

Yes! Please send an email to either or Chiara Cameron-Wood ( It is very helpful if you send a screen shot of what you are experiencing. 

I can log in and register for products...but I can't see any of the content to access it. What is the problem?

This is the reply from the software vendor:

With so many of us working from home we are seeing some tech support trends we wanted to share with you, and some solutions.

It appears that many people may be dusting off some older computers and attempting to register or attend webinars. They are encountering issues because of the following:

  1. They are using Internet Explorer 11. This old web browser does not support most modern web standards. IE 11 can cause Elevate to no load all the tabs or not display register or log in buttons. IE 11 also has issues playing Event Center webinars and archives. The solution: We recommend Chrome, Firefox or Edge
  2. Using out of date versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari. The solution: Update the browser. Each browser has different steps, but here is a link that explains how to do this for most browsers -
  3. Use of VPN’s or Remote Desktop programs. Symptoms include users not being able to log in, not be able to see or hear webinars. Or videos are stopping and starting. The solution: Drop the VPN or Remote Desktop connection 1st. Then try to log in.

I have some suggestions for improvement. Who should I contact?

Hooray! Suggestions! Please reach out to Chiara Cameron-Wood ( with any ideas, questions, comments, concerns or complaints about the AIRS Learning Site.

How do I become more involved? I would like to become a webinar presenter!

We WELCOME your participation in the creation of content! It's what AIRS is all about!  If you have an idea for a blog post, podcast or webinar that you, yourself, would like to create or would like to recommend a writer or presenter the course is the same...reach out to Chiara Cameron-Wood ( .

Can I view the sessions from past AIRS Conferences?

Absolutely. We keep the current year and the 5 previous years of session presentations and collateral (handouts). Check out the AIRS Conference page for links and details.

Can my organization create our own courses?

Yes! You can become what we call a "Elite" user at an additional charge. You can look HERE for details or reach out to Chiara Cameron-Wood (  

Does this system replace direct purchasing thru Relias Learning?

We are moving away from Relias although we will keep the current courses in their library. As we update courses and content (new courses, etc.) to the new LMS, we will not be doing the same for the Relias courses, Our goal is to get all AIRS learners (literally) on the same page ultimately. The courses are less expensive in the new AIRS Learn Platform. 

Can you buy in bulk in order to consolidate payments?

Really the best way is to make all purchases from the cart of a single user by adding the additional items you wish to purchase to that cart and then assigning it to the desired user. There is also a video tutorial on the "How To Videos" page.  Please note that the people you want to register will also need a user which they can easily create themselves.

Do these courses help me obtain AIRS Certification?

These courses in and of themselves will not qualify you for AIRS Certification. You will need to adequately prepare and take the test according to the process outlined HERE. However, online courses can help you prepare since they are based off of the very standards used as the basis of the certification questions. 

 Do these courses help me get AIRS Re-Certified?

Yes, they can! Each course or webinar is granted a certain number of professional development hours that can be used towards your AIRS certification or other professional certifications. For details on re-certification processes and the application please look HERE

Is there an easy way to track what classes I have taken that count for my AIRS Re-certification?

There is a personalized dashboard under the heading "Your Profile" you can view when logging in that will show products (courses/webinars) you are currently working on as well as ones you have already completed. Each eligible product also has credits assigned when completed that will reflect in that dashboard. Each product also comes with a certificate of completion you can print or save as a PDF for your own records. 

If I hold multiple AIRS certificates can a course count for both AIRS Re-certifications?

In general, no. We are looking for specialized training within the scope of the credential -- although a CRS holder could take a course on aging/disabilities issues as a way of increasing their broader knowledge, or a CRS-A/D holder could take a course on database inclusion for a similar reason. However, we would expect about 7 of the 10 required hours to be focused on the key issues pertinent to the credential.

Can I start a course or webinar and come back to it later if I don't have time to finish?

Yes. All of the products can be paused and returned to later. They will remain in your personalized dashboard up until and even after completion.

Can I take courses on any topics for my re-certifications or do they have to to be directly related to my job?

To an extent, yes. Although we would not appreciate an application that was dominated by indirect training. A certification holder could include a course on team building but we would expect about 7 of the 10 required hours to be focused on the key issues pertinent to the credential.

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