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12 Ways to Make the Holidays Bearable

This 26-minute presentation reviews ways to let go when things get hectic between work and home. Especially timely for a year such as 2021...

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Letting Go of Stress and Tension

Part of our self care and wellness page, AIRS favorite Lisa Dion takes you through an exercise that de-stresses, normalizes and regulates your nervous system. 

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A Journey Through How We See Ourselves and Others

Curated by members of the AIRS DEI Council, these resources will help you on your personal DEI journey

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Say What?! How To Communicate Anything to Anyone

 Learn what type of communicator you are and how to reach across that divide to communicate in a different way

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Chair Yoga

Part of our self-care and wellness page, this 15 minutes practice is the perfect remedy for a long day at your desk. 

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"Coping Ugly" - Dispelling the Myth of the "One True Path" to Resilience

This webinar walks you through outlining your own model of resilience, helping you determine what resources you have and what works for you. 

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A Masterclass on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Go beyond traditional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices to boldly create a lasting  impact, awareness, cognitive thinking skills, and cognitive dissonance

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Confidence in Any Weather: Saying No and Managing Difficult Calls

This session will enable you to be more confident in your position, and provide you with tools to leave both you and your caller feeling more positive about the road ahead

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Identifying and Empowering Problem Callers; Be an I&R Wizard

This session, presented by Richard Smith of Senior Resources of Guilford, based in Greensboro, North Carolina, will help I&R Specialists identify the different personalities of potential problem callers who have trouble realizing their own…

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Self Care In The Social Service Environment

The presentation will discuss what self-care really is and how it is important to understand the impact of stress when working in a social service environment and how to develop self care tools to help you in your role in I&R

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The Legacy of Racism in American Memory

The legacy of racism in American Memory" examines how Americans are deeply divided over how they understand their own past

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The "Unspoken Rules" of People Living In Poverty

Have you ever worked with a client or customer who owns the latest iPhone, video game system, and/ or name-brand clothing, but doesn’t “have” money for rent or food?

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