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iCarol is Information and Referral software for agencies providing ADRC or AAA services. iCarol is used to log interactions, curate resources and document referrals, work more closely with CBOs, and coordinate care and participate in CIE and No Wrong Door initiatives.  

With iCarol, you can be the primary source of trustworthy information and referrals to human services for older adults, people with disabilities, and their caregivers. Organizations use iCarol to meet people where they by responding to demand for modern communication channels and self-service options. iCarol technology empowers you to grow and improve your service delivery, demonstrate your community impact and participate in CBO partnerships, CIE and No Wrong Door initiatives. We offer several collaborative features and software integrations to expand your reach and harness your data to engage in new opportunities.  

In the last year iCarol supported over 150,000 users documenting nearly 12 million interactions. iCarol serves over 45% of 2-1-1 providers in the US and 100% of Canada.


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Email: info@icarol.com
Phone: 1-888-4iCarol (1-888-442-2765)

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