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  • 02/12/2020
    In everyday speech when we say "That is a myth," we mean "That is not true." Myth and truth are often seen as opposites but a myth is neither completely true nor completely false. A good myth is one that artfully represents human experience. These are my 7 myths about information and referral.
  • 01/28/2020
    A couple of months ago, the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation created a blog series called: What I Now Know. It consisted of letters written by people living with paralysis to their newly injured selves. These wonderfully moving letters (see #WhatINowKnow to read and get an introspective look at life with paralysis) inspired me to write to that nervous girl who, over five years ago, started answering calls from people in crisis. Here is what I know, what I learned, and hopefully will, in turn, inspire you to reflect on your I&R experience and share it with your new coworkers.
  • 01/13/2020
    As most of us are well aware, one of the only things that is constant in the social service world is change. This is especially true for those of us responsible for I&R Database management and curation. Whether it’s programs that come and go due to funding changes; organizations that are new, merge with one another, or dissolve; seasonal assistance programs like free school supplies, holiday assistance and tax preparation services; or a particular event or disaster the sparks the creation of numerous programs that require fast, but effective vetting; all of these things can be taxing on a Database Curator team or individual. No matter what type of resource it is, we have a sense of obligation to provide the most accurate information to our Community Resource Specialists so they can provide the best level of service to our community members in need. With all of that said, it’s both figuratively and literally a lot to manage! Luckily, we have an entire network of I&R experts to bounce ideas off of, and now a blog! Here’s some tips and habits that I have learned about database management from my peers along the way:
  • 12/11/2019
    We have heard it before but self-care is the most important thing we can do. We are not capable of reaching our full potential unless we take care of us. In most of our work, we constantly take care of others. We have to be there for them when no one else is and that can create a lot of stress. Giving back is so rewarding, just don’t forget to give back to you.
  • 11/26/2019
    We all do this nonprofit thing for our own various reasons. For some, it may be an opportunity to work with exciting people. For others, it might be having the chance to work while engaging both one's head and heart. The list could go on. Whatever the reason, I think we all can agree; our purpose is not about punching a clock to get a paycheck - it’s about making a meaningful impact. So, why do I do what I do?

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  • AIRS Webinar Mini - 12 Ways to Make the Holidays Bearable When You Work in Helping Professions
    Did you know that 62 percent of people describe their stress level as “very” or “somewhat” elevated during the holiday season? Also, more than any other income group, lower middle income families, which includes a lot of nonprofit workers, feel that pressure of commercialism and hype during the holidays creates expectations which creates financial worries of being able to afford the holidays without running up credit card debt. It’s also a season when we see both the very best and the very worst of other people. Calls and interactions with people who are sad, lonely, depressed or experiencing really difficult and even devastating circumstances multiply. We expend a lot of emotional energy expressing that ever important empathy and lifting the burdens of each inquirer. It can take its toll on our own mental and emotional health. Today for a few minutes we’re going to focus on tools and solutions to get us helping professionals through this time of year as unscathed as possible. Instead of the 12 DAYS of Christmas and all of those impractical gifts with birds and dozens of people with drums and cows, the AIRS team wants to give you something actually useful that you won’t have to find room on the shelf for! So here is our gift to all of you - 12 Ways to Make the Holidays Bearable When You Work in Helping Professions.