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  • 12/11/2019
    We have heard it before but self-care is the most important thing we can do. We are not capable of reaching our full potential unless we take care of us. In most of our work, we constantly take care of others. We have to be there for them when no one else is and that can create a lot of stress. Giving back is so rewarding, just don’t forget to give back to you.
  • 11/26/2019
    We all do this nonprofit thing for our own various reasons. For some, it may be an opportunity to work with exciting people. For others, it might be having the chance to work while engaging both one's head and heart. The list could go on. Whatever the reason, I think we all can agree; our purpose is not about punching a clock to get a paycheck - it’s about making a meaningful impact. So, why do I do what I do?
  • 11/12/2019
    "The future of I&R requires those of us who are in the field impart any kernel of knowledge to others who will continue this work after we are finally able to pry ourselves away from the phones, keyboards and databases to settle into retirement. One day, I may reach out via text, chat, email, phone – or maybe a channel I don’t yet foresee – and need the expertise of the I&R specialist on the other end. I hope that everything that specialist knows was shared with him/her by someone else. In fact, I’m depending on it."
  • 09/29/2019
    In this interview with AIRS Director of Knowledge and Training Chiara Cameron-Wood, we ask questions about the new AIRS learning platform and find out what to expect now and in the future as far as content. She also gives tips on how to get the most use our of the platform and how you can access it now.

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