Bulk Pricing and Organizational Learning Management Systems


If you interested in consolidating your payments and ordering AIRS Online Training Courses in bulk or through a single payment method, we have the following options:

You can purchase for others from your cart and pay once

This is the recommended method. You can register for any course or webinar for anyone else who has created an account and pay for all of those from your cart. You can only use a credit card and bulk discounts are not automatically applied. 

You can order "a la carte" 

You'll receive an online form to complete stating which courses you want and how many and by whom each course will be accessed. This applies only to orders over 10 courses and can be a combination of any types of course: practice tests, packages and online courses. You will receive a 10% discount on the amount in your "a la carte" cart. AIRS will invoice you for the amount. Payment is expected before the courses are activated for the designated individuals. We can invoice you for what you purchase so you can pay by check if needed. 

You can purchase "Discount Codes"

Discount Codes can be used to register for any SINGLE online course or package (depending on which code set is purchased). When applied, this code will make that course FREE at checkout when added to any team member’s personal cart. 

AIRS will invoice you for the total amount of your Discount Code purchase via email when your order is finalized. Payment is expected before the codes are activated. You will be informed what you custom code is at that time. 

Single Online Course Discount Codes: Platinum- 10 Discount Codes for $100

All other membership levels- 10 codes for $135 

On-boarding Packages: *Please note that On-boarding Packages are specific to each role (CRS or CRS-DC) and include 5 courses 5 codes for $235 Platinum (this price makes these packages $47 per package; normally $52 per package)/$280 General (this price makes these packages $56 per package; normally $62 per package) 


We have an option available where any organization can adopt and adapt our new software to meet their organization’s own training needs.

Each LMS Preferred Package includes the following:

  • Administrative Access for 1 person. 
  • Access to all AIRS Online Courses, Packages and Webinars for all registered staff users for the duration of your annual contract. 
  • The opportunity to create limitless customized training courses for your own team to meet the unique needs of your community and your organization. 
  • Ongoing support from the AIRS Director of Knowledge and Training.
  • Access to the Networker Community for Preferred Package Users
  • Monthly group call for user group admins to troubleshoot and share ideas


  • Full year Administrative Access - $500 per organization (includes 1 admin) 
  • Additional Admins - $500 per year per admin
  • Access to AIRS content and customized content - $60 per staff member per year 

The cost per staff member is per staff member who has a user to access online courses. The cost is transferable if one person leaves and is replaced by another. Shared logins are not allowed in the system since each quiz can only be completed once and progress is tracked by user

Onsite Training

Onsite training is provided by an AIRS staff member to help your team understand the software and to train them on the creation of content (including following the AIRS LMS Style Guide), reporting, and overseeing the creation of the first training in your new LMS. 

Cost: $2,000 (one time) 

This cost can be split with up to five organizations if everyone attends at the same time and at the same agency. Add $200 per additional organization beyond the first.  This price includes AIRS travel costs.